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Setting Up SG906 Drone

Beast SG906 is a fantastic drone for beginners and experienced pilots that want to enhance their flying skills. However, getting up in the air can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are a new drone pilot. We have compiled a list of steps to follow to simplify the set up of SG906 drone. This set up guide is applicable to any of the SG906 drone family [SG906, SG906 Pro, SG906 Pro 2, SG906 MAX, and SG906 MAX1].

Set Up Steps

  • Download the HFun Pro App via Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Click here to view the full instructions of the HFUN Plus Manual.
  • Ensure that you update the app to have the latest firmware.
  • Remove the gimbal cover and make sure it is free from any obstruction.
  • Turn on the battery by holding the button till you hear beep. The lights will start flashing rapidly.
  • Turn on the transmitter. Give it some time to search for satellite; ideally you want to see around 10 satellites to start flying. You will see the receiver battery power on the controller; indicating you are now connected.
  • Do a compass calibration by holding down the photo key on the right side of the controller till you hear beep [hold for about 3 seconds].
  • Calibrate the drone by following the instructions on the app and prepare to take-off. See image below [relevant for app version 2.2.21]. You should hear a beep after completing each step; meaning your calibration is complete. The lights on the back arms of the drone should now be solid. If not, you might need to repeat the calibration steps. See image below.
  • Press "Start" on the app and you should now see the display on your phone.
  • To take off, push both throttle sticks down and release OR use the Auto-take off button as indicated in the Remote Control Annotation.
  • We recommend to always use a Landing Pad before take off.

NOTE: To control the drone through the app, your phone must have IEEE 802.11 WLAN to be compatible.


HFun Pro App Interface

HFun App Interface

Calibration Set up

Calibration of SG906 Drone via HFun Pro App - Step 1

HFun Pro App Calibration

Calibration of SG906 Drone via HFun Pro App - Step 2

HFun Pro App Calibration

Struggling to Connect SG906 Drone To Phone's WiFi?

Your mobile Wi-Fi needs to support IEEE 802.11 a / b/g/n / AC, IE, the 5G band WLAN. If your phone was released before 2018 and you are struggling to connect it, you could try the app on another phone that is recent. Ensure that the WiFi signal in the app is colour white instead of grey. You can connect your phone to the Aircraft Wi-Fi by following the steps below:

  • Turn on the aircraft
  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone
  • Look for aircraft in the available WIFI list
  • Click the Wi-Fi ( no password required ) and the phone will be connected automatically.
  • Then go back to the application

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  • Babatunde

    The other apps like ZLLrc, HFun pro and XIL max are no more working for the beast..but XIL pro works fine..although there are so many bugs they still have to fix

  • Mike
    If your haveing an issue connecting to phone to drone try turning off mobile data as some phones will keep trying to connect to internet .. i had this issue on my samsung galaxy A51.. works great now that i turn off mobile data… or try useing a phone thats not connected to a service plan as u dont need it to use app … hope this helps … also SN for drone will have 4g or 5g in the name

  • waltman2

    phone or tablet must support 5g

  • Kevin H Raybourn


  • Kevin

    DOES ANYONE KNOW how do I find the SN for the drone

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